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Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips for Crunchy Kids

1. Minimize the time spent in the bath or shower. Strange as it may seem, being in water actually sucks moisture out of the skin.
2. Also, try to use cooler water. The hotter the water, the more moisture-sucking effects.
3. Avoid bubble bath. It's fun, yes, but soaking in soap can lead to a seriously crunchy kid.
4. Find a cleanser that doesn't dry. There are lots of nice moisturizing options on the market. Those that don't foam tend to be even better for dry, sensitive skin.
5. Apply a thick moisturizer (our cream works great for this) just after bathing, to seal the remaining moisture into the skin for better hydration.
6. Reapply frequently, especially to itchy areas like legs, elbows, hands and feet.
7. Keep cream or lotion near sinks so you remember to apply after hand-washing.
8. Apply lip balm at bedtime. It lasts longer when you aren't eating and talking and can prevent chapping if applied regularly.
9. If prevention doesn't work - apply lip balm frequently to chapped lips and cheeks, too. Ours is nice and light and lasts a long time. And it feels soothing right away.
10. Use sunscreen every day. Even when it is cool outside, the sun is still shining down on you! We have a great one in the works - stay tuned!
11. Humidifiers can help combat dry air in the winter. Forced air heat and fireplace fires can keep you nice and toasty, and bake the moisture right out of your skin.
12. Drink lots of water. It isn't a cure, but keeping hydrated can really help!
13. Consider switching to non-irritating laundry products. We have had success with Sun & Earth Detergent and Bounce Free fabric softener.
14. Have any tips that have worked for you that you'd like to share? Please e-mail them to us at

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